Sunday, February 6, 2011

My gift on turning 42

I will turn 42 this year in September. And what better gift to give myself than running the full marathon at the Mumbai Marathon event in Jan 2012.

42@42. 42 kms at the age of 42. Heard about this very appealing idea from my dear friend Geet whose cousin had done this feat a few years back.

I have never run this distance in my life though I have been doing half marathons for several years now. And then since it is boring to run for 6 hours or 7 hours, I want to target a timing of 5 hours.

This will require a very disciplined training program that I will have to adhere to over the next 11 months or so as I build the strength in my legs and the stamina to keep running for 5 hours. I will have to wake up at odd hours and run long distances come rain or the summer heat. And since I find getting out of bed the most difficult part of the training routine, I am putting myself at the point of no return by making this very pubic declaration of my intentions to train the whole year and then run the marathon next January.

I will be posting regular posts on this site to keep you updated on my progress. And to keep the whole stuff interesting I will try to pepper the blogs with tidbits on running, work-life-running balance and other interesting stuff.

I want you to prod me and push me and encourage me to stay on track so that I reach my goal. Pull me up if you see me slipping. Come, join my journey without leaving your chair...


  1. The secret of getting ahead is getting started. 42@42's a great and catchy name and the purpose is also very brave. All the best to you.

  2. Bhai lage raho. Will follow the blog and expecting week by week plan & status update.
    Passion is something which has potential to create miracle. You can do it.

  3. Way to go Brajesh! Thought I should share something that I have always found useful. A professional marathoner was once asked how she manages to run that long. Her reply was that no human body is capable of running the whole marathon. The body only runs half the race, the remaining half is run by the mind. Just have a strong mind, and you can do it. Best of luck...

  4. Your journey is inspiring, keep it up