Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Mighty Heart

They say all the running makes the heart bigger; endurance runners have been tested and have been found to have a biger heart than the average.

A big heart; a mighty heart.

No wonder, charity and long distance running go hand in hand.

Launched my own charity drive to raise money for Catalysts for Social Action - they work in the field of adoption. They work with adoption agencies and help place children, help in improving the conditions as well as the governance of adoption agencies and are also involved in advocating the cause of adoption to policy makers.

Have given myself a target of Rs 500,000 and the initial response from friends has been very encouraging.

I have created my own page on the website of the official charity partner and if you are reading this and want to make a donation from anywhere in the world, click the link below:

God Bless.
And Thanks.

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